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Tejasvi Bhalla is a seasoned producer and visual artist with a rich background in crafting and breathing life into narratives across various media in India and Canada. With over a decade of experience, Tejasvi is making her mark in the commercial, digital, and social spaces, conceptualizing, executing, and managing media campaigns encompassing broadcast ads, radio spots, online ads, integrated digital and social media campaigns, and branded documentaries.


In the realm of film and entertainment, Tejasvi's notable projects have garnered recognition and received grants from esteemed organizations such as the Canadian Council of Arts, the Toronto Arts Council, Telefilm Canada, and the Ontario Arts Council. Some of her remarkable works in Canada include the short film 'Merging With The Infinite' (supervising producer), which was an official selection at the Raindance Film Festival 2019, 'One in Two People' (supervising producer), showcased at Comic-Con Independent Film Festival 2022 and selected for the Toronto Short Film Festival 2020 and the Blood In The Snow Film Festival 2019. Additionally, 'A Dinner Party'(co-writer, producer) was acquired by CBC after an impressive festival run at the Blood In The Snow Film Festival 2020 and Buffalo INTL Film Festival 2020, while the award-winning feature film 'Lune' (line producer), directed by Aviva Amour-Ostroff and Arturo Perez Torres, made a lasting impact.


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what i do
Project Management

With a deep understanding of integrated brand campaigns, client servicing and a network of talented creatives and freelancers, I bring together strategy, management, production, design, and post-production seamlessly. I am familiar with agile management approaches and can adapt swiftly to management tools as needed. My responsibilities often include client servicing, budgeting, scheduling, resourcing, production/post production supervision, liasioning with other creatives for all deliverables. 

Creative Consultation & Direction

Scripting - Whether it's script editing, script reviews, or consultation, I provide valuable insights to elevate your storytelling and help you craft compelling narratives. As a collaborative partner, I'll work closely with you to shape your vision into an impactful and engaging script. Let's bring your ideas to life!

Direction - Whether it's commercials, radio spots, podcasts, documentary interviews, or VFX and animation content, I thrive behind the camera, infusing each project with my unique vision. With a love for visual storytelling, I'll collaborate closely with you to transform your ideas and brief into remarkable visuals that engage and inspire your audiences.

Visual Arts

As a visual artist, I delve into the complexities of our social and emotional environments, using art as an outlet for self-expression. Influenced by abstract concepts, my work reflects the intricate interplay of our mental landscapes and the world around us. Whether its art direction, graphic design, film photography or painting, I aim to create captivating visuals that evoke deep emotions and invite contemplation. Some of my work can be seen here.

what i do.

As a versatile creative producer and project manager, I bring captivating stories to life across multiple platforms. With a sharp focus on branding and storytelling, think of me as your creative chameleon, adapting and transforming to meet the unique demands of each project. Leading a dedicated team of specialized creatives, freelancers, managers and technical crew as needed, I oversee projects at any stage from conceptualization to delivery. With a solution-oriented mindset, I'm passionate about transforming ideas into compelling realities.

Producing & Production Management

I thrive on bringing your vision to life, be it through films, commercials, radio spots, or television, narrative or unscripted content. My range of responsibilities spans creative consulting, scoping, budgeting, casting, hiring, scheduling & logistics, production and post-production supervision, festival campaigning, distribution negotiations, and more- depending on my role and the project stage I am brought in. 



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